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The Wisdom of Jesse Livermore, Part 11

In this week’s edition of Trading Simplified, Dave continues to show the methodology in action, presenting a new mystery chart, revealing an old one, and conducting a walk-through on a recent big winner that paid off twice. He then continues his series on Jesse Livermore. This week, he examines “paying up” for a trade vs. trying to get in early, establishing the “line of least resistance,” and discusses how you need to be prepared mentally and monetarily for when the next big trend comes along.

This video was originally published on July 28, 2023. Click anywhere on the Trading Simplified logo above to watch on our dedicated show page, or at this link to watch on YouTube.

You can view all recorded episodes of the show at this link. Go to to access the slides for this episode and more. Dave can be contacted at for any comments and questions.

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