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Comfort isn’t just a Vision Pro problem — it’s a wearable one

A woman makes a pinching gesture while wearing the Vision Pro.
Every human body is unique — and that’s a major design challenge for wearable makers.

As I sit here writing this in the Apple Vision Pro, I’m acutely aware of how the light seal presses against my forehead and cheekbones. It was relatively comfy when I slipped it on an hour ago. But now, every so often, I push up on the bridge — as if I’m a cartoon nerd saying, um, well, actually — just to give my face a break. This is despite the fact that I’ve done the scan to figure out my perfect light seal fit (33W, in case you’re wondering). So no, I’m not surprised that many Apple fans who returned their Vision Pros cited comfort as a major issue.

But this isn’t exclusively a Vision Pro problem. It’s a wearable problem.

I say this a lot in my reviews, but comfort is king. For other gadget categories, comfort is mostly a question of…

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