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Can you watch a solar eclipse in the Apple Vision Pro?

Woman wearing Vision Pro while pinching fingers
Image: Apple

This morning, remembering I’d forgotten to order eclipse glasses, I wondered out loud: Would it be an absolutely awful idea to watch today’s solar eclipse on the Apple Vision Pro? I’m extremely not a camera expert, but I seem to recall that pointing a camera at the sun is bad. However, online answers vary widely, so I put the question to The Verge’s Emmy-winning senior video producer Becca Farsace.

Her answer was that the Vision Pro is expensive; it has a lot of cameras; and it isn’t worth the risk. She added: “Wes, you are a free soul! you can do whatever you please, but if I saw this on the internet I would be so mad that someone who spent that much money was out there doing this.”

She’s right; I am a free soul! Challenge accepted,…

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