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Applying the mathematical principles of Pareto to Mario Kart 8

An image of Mario, Yoshi, and other Mario Kart characters driving on a course that resembles a pinball machine.
Image: Nintendo

If you’re the kind of Mario Kart 8 player who cares about winning and not just playing their favorite characters (Daisy and Peach supremacy), choosing the best combination of driver, vehicle, and wheels gets tricky.

Luckily, thanks to data science and 19th-century Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, there’s a way to figure that out. Data scientist Antoine Mayerowitz applies one of Pareto’s principles, the Pareto front, to plot the best combination among the 703,560 possible decisions players must make in Mario Kart. Eurogamer helpfully explains that a Pareto front finds the best possible solution to a problem with different objectives.

In a cool piece of data visualization you should definitely check out, Mayerowitz narrows down the…

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